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DXpress Reader®

Dxpress reader

For Qualitative & Quantitative
 Reading of Test Devices

  • Eliminates visual read subjectivity for qualitative assays
  • Easy to use; includes a barcode scanner for easy patient I.D. input
  • Stores and manages up to 1,000 patient results
  • On-board printer for hardcopy results
  • RS-232 port for LIS connectivity when downloading patient results
  • Battery powered and compact design for portability; less than 3 lbs

Available Products

  • StatusFirst® CHF NT-proBNP - Quantitative
  • StatusFirst® D-Dimer - Quantitative
  • StatusFirst® Troponin I - Quantitative
  • StatusFirst® hCG - Qualitative
  • StatusFirst® Drugs of Abuse - Qualitative

*Other products available for qualitative reading

Light Source LED
Detection CMOS Image Sensor
Flash Memory 8MB
Information Storage Patient Results 1000
Self Check Results 60
Calibration QC Results 60
External QC Results 60
DC 9V Power Adapter Jack, Host Computer Interface Port (RS-232C Serial), Barcode Scanner Interface Port, Thermal Printer, LCD Display Screen, Data Chip Port
  1. DXpress: Enter Operator ID, Patient ID and Test identification/lot number
  2. DXpress: Select Scheduler mode
  3. Assay: Add Sample to Sample well of test device
  4. DXpress: Place test device on DXpress Reader tray and close tray

Reading the Result

  1. DXpress: Instrument will read test result at the proper time and display the result. The result is also stored in memory.
  2. DXpress: Result can be printed using the on-board printer
Product Catalog Number
DXpress Reader (1 year warranty) LSR-2000
DXpress Reader (3 year warranty) LSR-2003
Barcode Scanner R-9011 / R-9012
Thermal Printer Paper R-9801
1-Line Calibrator R-2612
Blank Calibrator (double window cassette) R-2020
Calibration Verification Tool (3 level) R-2130