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BioSign® Salmonella

Biosign salmonella

Immunoassay for the Qualitative Detection of Salmonella Antigen in Enriched Cultures

  • Easy-to-read color
  • Built-in test control
Detection Limit 5 x 105–5 x 106 cells/mL, depending on the Salmonella strain
Time to Results 5-10 minutes
Specimen Types Enriched broth, 80 µL
Internal Control Yes
External Controls No
Storage 2-30°C (35-86°F)
Relative Sensitivity 91.8%
Relative Specificity 94.1%
Overall Accuracy 92.7%
Biosign salmonella procedure
  1. Enrich Salmonella according to the recommended enrichment protocol or approved equivalent.
  2. Dispense 2 drops (80 µL) of the post-enriched culture solution into the Sample well (S) using a transfer pipette.
  3. Read the result in 5 minutes, but no later than 10 minutes after adding sample.
Product Kit Size Catalog Number
BioSign® Salmonella 35 BSP-501-35