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BioSign® Flu A+B

Biosign flu ab

Immunoassay for Direct Detection and Differential Diagnosis of
Influenza Type A and Type B Antigens

  • Detects new variants including H1N1 2009, H3N2 variant, H5N1, H7N9 China
  • Easy-to-read color
  • Built-in test control
Time to Results 10-15 minutes
Specimen Types Nasal Swab
Nasopharyngeal Swab
Nasopharyngeal Wash/Aspirate, 100µL
Internal Control Yes
External Controls Yes (Positive & Negative Swabs)
Storage 2-30°C (35-86°F)
  Nasal Swab, Influenza A Nasal Swab, Influenza B Nasopharyngeal Swab, Influenza A Nasopharyngeal Swab, Influenza B Nasopharyngeal Aspirate, Influenza A Nasopharyngeal Aspirate, Influenza B
Sensitivity 91.7% 82.4% 89.6% 86.8% 95.3% 91.6%
Specificity 75.2% 88.3% 77.0% 92.9% 85.7% 97.5%
Overall Agreement 76.8% 88.0% 78.5% 92.0% 87.4% 97.2%

Swab Sample Procedure

Biosign flu ab procedure1

Nasopharyngeal Wash/Aspirate Sample Procedure (Purchase of BSP-510AS required)

Biosign flu ab procedure2
Product Kit Size Catalog Number CLIA Complexity
BioSign® Flu A+B 22 BSP-510-22