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BioSign® CHW

Biosign chw

Rapid test for Detection of Adult Dirofilaria immitis Antigen
In Canine Serum, Plasma and Whole Blood

  • Easy-to-read color
  • Built-in test control
  • USDA licensed
  • Compatible with DXpress® Reader
Time to Results 10 minutes
Specimen Types Whole blood, 1 drop
Serum, 1 drop
Plasma, 1 drop
Internal Control Yes
External Controls No
Storage 2-30°C (35-86°F)
Relative Sensitivity 97.9%
Relative Specificity 97.5%
Overall Accuracy 97.7%
Biosign chw procedure
  1. Add one drop of the sample to the Sample well (S) using a disposable pipette, holding it vertically about 1 inch above the Sample well (S), without touching the well.
  2. Add two drops of the Developer solution into the Sample well (S), immediately following complete absorption of sample into the sample well. To ensure that the correct solution volume is added, hold the bottle vertically while dispensing the solution.
  3. Read the test results at 10 minutes.
Product Kit Size Catalog Number
BioSign® CHW 30 BSP-604-30
BioSign® CHW 10 BSP-604-10